Institute of Chinese Studies Wednesday Seminar: Economic & Political Crisis in Sri Lanka

June 2022: Seminar on Economic & Political Crisis in Sri Lanka and the role of India & China. Available here.

Interview for The World on PRX

March 2022: Conversation with Marco Werman on Public Radio Exchange's international news program The World about economic and political troubles in Sri Lanka. Available here.

Interview with India Today on Chinese Influence in South Asia

November 2021: Interview with Geeta Mohan on the narrative of Chinese debt-trap diplomacy in South Asia. Available here.

Interview on StratNewsGlobal

October 2021: Interview on "China’s Influence in South Asia: Vulnerabilities and Resilience in Four Countries" study. Available here.

IMPRI India Webinar: Developments in Afghanistan and Implications for India

September 2021: Webinar on developments in Afghanistan and implications for India. Available here.

Podcast: Ei Samay Gold (Bangla)

August 2020: A conversation with Saubhik Ghosh of Time of India group's Bangla daily Ei Samay for his daily news podcast. I talk about the genesis of the current India-China standoff and the way ahead. Available here.

Podcast: States of Anarchy – A Tale of two Kingdoms

October 2019: A conversation with Hamsini Hariharan of States of Anarchy about India's foreign policy towards Sikkim and Bhutan in the early years after Independence, and what led to a divergence in the approach towards the two. Available here.

Decoding Narendra Modi’s foreign policy

For someone who has carefully avoided articulating concrete foreign policy stands, it was an unusual statement. Speaking in a public meeting in Arunachal Pradesh, the Indian state that China calls "southern Tibet" and claims as part of its territory, Narendra Modi, prime ministerial candidate of India’s principal opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), warned China against... Continue Reading →

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