Deep Pal is a researcher, communicator, and educator with extensive experience in policy analysis and project management. He has collaborated with various prestigious institutions, including the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, the National Bureau of Asian Research, and Ashoka University, among others. His current research focuses on the Indo-Pacific, Indian foreign policy in its immediate and greater neighbourhood, and regional security of South Asia, with emphasis on China.

Throughout his career, Deep has conducted primary research, managed teams, and published articles and reports that highlight his insights into important policy issues. He has written for publications including China Brief, the Diplomat, Foreign Policy, the Hindustan Times, the Indian Express, and the Wire, and is a regular commentator on Indian and global news outlets. He is adept at connecting with stakeholders, presenting research outcomes to policymakers and opinion makers including Indian and foreign governments through ministries, embassies, high commissions, and foreign aid agencies.

Deep is an experienced instructor and conducts regular training sessions on international relations, research methods, and foreign and security policy for government agencies and foreign service institutes in multiple countries. He has taught courses in international relations and research methods at Ashoka University and the University of Washington, and mentored junior research staff on research methods, writing media articles, and reports. He has a PhD from the University of Washington.


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